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Audit & Assurance Solutions

​Audit and Warranty Service

Think & Feel!

Listen/Audio to the voice of market and clients.
Listening to and feeling the voices of clients/society better, and providing high-quality audit and assurance services. The word "Audit" is derived from "audio", a word developed from "listening". We listen carefully to the opinions of our clients and the market, feel the opinions of them, and conduct appropriate audits with the highest priority on quality.

High-Quality Audits
based on communication & advisory experience

High-quality audits based on extensive experience. As a partner aiming for more reliable disclosure, we have a solid quality control system and experienced staff. We provide high-quality and efficient audit services.
I often hear that there is a lack of communication with clients due to the progress of remote work.
We listen carefully to the voices of society, including our clients and the market, and provide high-quality audit and assurance services.

Regarding accounting audit and assurance services, we deal with the following three issues by providing services by professionals with various experiences, and develop human resources through experience at group companies.

・Challenges in conducting an audit without experience in preparing financial statements and in a position to be audited
・Although knowledge about corporate value evaluation and evaluation of real estate etc. is not necessarily sufficient, the issue of auditing the evaluation made by the client
・Those who have no experience in corporate revitalization, etc., and who do not necessarily have sufficient experience in the process of corporate bankruptcy, etc., but have to make judgments on the premise of going concern

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