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​Audit Hotline

Akasaka LLC has established an audit hotline as a point of contact for receiving information on audit work, etc. from everyone.

The audit hotline widely collects information on fraud, fraud, and legal violations (including violation of the independence of certified public accountants, insider trading, etc.) related to our business, The purpose is to improve quality such as

If you wish to make a report or provide information, please confirm and agree to the following points before contacting us.

  1. When contacting us, please describe the following matters in detail, and we would like you to send us related materials as well.

  • Company Name

  • Name of responsible CPA

  • Details, time of occurrence, place of occurrence, names of people involved, etc.

  1. Reports or information provided to us can be made anonymously. If you wish to report or provide information anonymously, please indicate so. However, if you wish to report anonymously or provide information, we may not be able to conduct a thorough investigation.

  2. Please refrain from deliberately slandering or making false reports. If the reported or provided information is determined to be clearly false, our company may not conduct an investigation.

  3. The information you provide will be reported to the relevant departments within the firm and to the contact point outside the firm for investigation.

  4. The Audit Hotline does not directly aim to protect the interests or facilitate the information provided by you. Therefore, as a general rule, we do not reply individually to the received information.

  5. We will comply with confidentiality obligations regarding the information reported or provided.

  6. When personal information is obtained through the audit hotline, the personal information will be used within the scope of the purpose of improving the quality of audit work, etc. in the relevant departments of the audit firm, and will not be used for any other purpose. We are responsible for the management of personal information.


contact address

Akasaka LLC Contact Point

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